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Natural SPA

We are pleased to offer you several types of SPA treatments


“A date with nature” will help you relax and be filled with new energy. We offer you to do a massage with real high–quality oil infused with herbs – you can choose one of three options. And then go on a date with nature: two baths that will help your body to be cleansed and filled with energy.
The first detox bath with soda and salt and herbs. It will help to cleanse your body of toxins and toxins.
The second bath is filling with flowers, essential oils and coconut milk. It will help you relax and enjoy the aromas of nature.
Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy nature and relax in our spa center. Book your Date with Nature spa package today!
Our program is designed for a company of up to 4 people.
Cost: 1 person – 1.350.000 IDR, 2 people – 2.000.000 IDR, 3 people – 2.400.000 IDR and 4 people – for 2.800.000 IDR. Massages and baths are included.

A comprehensive spa package. To begin with, our master will relax your body with a deep massage using natural oils and the enchanting sounds of copper balls that will fill your aura with subtle vibrations. These are truly special sensations that will envelop you with a charming sound and cleanse your delicate body from touching after a massage.
Then a rejuvenating facial massage and a freshly prepared moisturizing mask made from natural ingredients.
After the massage, while you enjoy a cup of warm tea in a comfortable armchair overlooking the jungle, we will prepare for you a luxurious milk bath with essential oils and flower petals.
After taking a bath, we advise you not to wash yourself with water, but simply wrap yourself in a towel to fully experience the moisturizing effect and aroma of essential oils on your skin.
1.200.000 IDR, duration 3 hours

A SPA ritual that will take you into the world of pleasure, flowers, beauty and beauty. Complete immersion in blissful relaxation! You will enjoy a full body massage for an hour and a half. The technique of our craftsmen is honed to perfection. Next, you will receive a facial massage and a mask made of natural ingredients. Your whole body will be covered with the touches of marigolds. Marigolds are widely used in cosmetology. Decoctions, infusions and essential oils nourish the skin, give hair shine and stimulate their growth, accelerate the process of cell regeneration. At the end of the ritual, a bath full of marigold flower petals will be prepared for you and you will feel the effect of these magnificent beauty flowers.

Cost: 1.200.000 IDR, duration 3-4 hours (duration 3-4 hours)

Relaxing massage surrounded by the jungle with a gentle scrub, after – bath with a smoothie of purple cactus flowers and coconut milk. Dragon fruit is known for its content of vitamins C, B3 and E, the combination of which is very nutritious for the skin of the face and body. Due to its fairly high content of antioxidants, vitamin E and beta-carotene, dragon fruit slows down the aging process of cells, and is also effective for relieving sunburned skin. And for dessert, of course, dragon fruit.
900.000 IDR, duration 2 hours

For the most brutal visitors of our SPA, we have developed a very relaxing and pleasant ritual for body and soul. First, the sentry Balinese massage to relax the body and calm the mind. Then they will take care of your face and even your beard; using fresh aloe, it will moisturize the skin of the face and give the beard a well–groomed gloss. Next, a head massage with essential oils. We know men love this part of the ritual very much. After that, you will have the opportunity to relax in a comfortable armchair with a view of the jungle, listen to the sound of the river and enjoy a foot bath while drinking tea with lemongrass. And, of course, a scrub for manly hands. And at the end of the ritual, we will prepare a hot bath with lemongrass, lemon slices and essential oils. All this will relax and fill a real man with strength!
1.200.000 IDR, duration 3-4 hours

Experience harmony with nature and allow yourself a unique relaxation experience in our unique spa baths located in the heart of the wilderness. Two baths surrounded by lush green jungle overlooking the river, which will help your body to be cleansed and filled with energy. One tub is filled with salt, soda, oranges and lemongrass, and the other is filled with flowers. Relax in the baths, merging and connecting with the surrounding nature. 
Our program is designed for a company of up to 4 people.

Cost: 1 bath for 2 people – 700,000 IDR, 2 baths for up to 4 people – 1,300,000


Pamper your body with a deep massage using traditional techniques to relieve tension and calm down. This relaxing massage has been passed down from generation to generation, it combines various techniques to renew, strengthen and improve all body systems.

Cost: 350.000-500.000 IDR, duration 60-90 minutes

Hot stone massage improves overall well-being, promotes neuromuscular relaxation. By activating reflex points, the activity of internal organs is regulated, and the nervous system is stimulated. Blood circulation and lymph flow are enhanced, and at the same time, the course of metabolic processes is accelerated and the level of immune protection of the body increases.

Cost: 600,000 IDR, duration 1.5 hours

It will give you an unforgettable experience of deep study of problematic parts of the body and relaxation. We always try to pleasantly surprise our guests!

Cost: 555.000 IDR for 60 minutes

Cleansing the face with the most gentle scrub, facial massage with essential rejuvenating oils, a firming algae mask and a nourishing cream. Everything to make your skin shine!

Cost: 600.000 IDR, duration 1 hour

Shiatsu massage gives a deep therapeutic effect achieved by pushing through the active points on the body!
Be healthy!

Cost: 300.000 IDR for 60 minutes